Research Opportunity: Ambulance Bay Design

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Research Opportunity: Ambulance Bay Design

Postby admin » Mon Feb 17, 2014 6:25 pm

Don Sharpe, a Paramedic with Alberta Health Services (AHS) in Calgary, Canada, has completed a 2 year research project on the dangers, workflow, design, stocking and use of ambulance bays.

Sharpe and Jason Laberge (a Human Factors Specialist with AHS) conducted a study to identify issues with ambulance bay design. After 31 interviews with urban and rural EMS personnel at a large hospital in Canada they identified some of the issues facing providers regarding ambulance bay design and workflow.

Problems Identified
Lack of accountabilty for the ambulance bay
Contaminated equipment increasing exposure risks for patients and staff
Poor access from ambulance to ED
Difficulty entering the ambulance bay
Inefficient resources to allow re-stocking of ambulances
Bays not cleaned regularly
Lack of routine maintenance of doors, gates, floor surface
Sound familiar? We thought so!

Don is interested in hearing from Paramedics worldwide (ideally with the following profile) with a view to collaborating on furthering this project:

Paramedic Supervisor
Routine contact with Hospital Administration
Ideally, LEAN or Kaizen training
If you’re interested in collaborating with Don on this project, please drop us a mail with your contact details and a short bio, and we’ll forward your details to Don for his attention.
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