• Jason Merrill

    AvatarJason has been working in emergency and critical care medicine since 2000, starting with three years as an EMT at an urban ambulance service and two years as a patient care technician at a regional trauma center and teaching hospital in the United States.

    After leaving health care for two years to serve in AmeriCorps, the United States’ national volunteer service program, he became a cardiac technician at a community hospital caring for patients in both critical care and medical/surgical environments.

    He moved to Canada in 2010, and after a year of retraining to Canadian standards at Holland College in PEI, during which he also worked as a cardiac technician in an ambulatory monitoring setting, he has worked as a Primary Care Paramedic/EMT-A, first at an ambulance service in rural Newfoundland and currently at an industrial EMS service in Western Canada.

    His personal website is available at http://jkmerrill.ca/

    Though not currently a researcher (though if an opportunity arose to work on an EMS research project he would likely take it), his primary interest in contributing to the Prehospital Research Support Site is helping to translate EMS research into EMS practice and advance a culture of evidence-based paramedicine.

    He follows the current research on certain clinical topics very closely, including prehospital sepsis, anaphylaxis, and electrocardiography.

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    Last modified: 30/01/14