• An evaluation of high fidelity simulation training for paramedics in Ireland

    by Alan Batt. Last modified: 06/02/14

    David Power, Patrick Henn, Paul O’Driscoll, Theresa Power, John McAdoo, Helen Hynes, Stephen Cusack

    International Paramedic Practice, Vol. 3, Iss. 1, 01 Feb 2013, pp 11 – 18

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    The requirement for pre-hospital practitioners to perform additional interventions is ever increasing. In Ireland the training of pre-hospital practitioners is currently developing and evolving to meet this demand. This requires the use of simulators with the capability to simulate more advanced interventions.


    We wished to explore the views of pre-hospital care practitioners post participation in a pilot high fidelity simulation in emergency care, to gauge its acceptability, relevance and application.


    Pre-hospital care practitioners’ participated in 12 full immersion high-fidelity simulated scenarios, over three consecutive days. Live video recording was during the scenarios and replayed during debriefing sessions. The participants completed a voluntary and anonymous evaluation of the training using six statements on a five point Likert scale and free text written comments to three open-ended questions.


    The overall response to the training was overwhelming positive with 94.4% of the participants either strongly agreed or agreed that the course met their learning needs. All agreed that they found the course relevant to their stage of training and that the course will impact beneficially on their clinical practice.


    This pilot study has shown that high-fidelity simulation is both applicable and relevant to pre-hospital practitioner.

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    Alan Batt

    Alan Batt

    Paramedic, educator, researcher
    Alan is a critical care paramedic, paramedic educator and prehospital researcher, currently working around the world as an educator and researcher. He has previously worked and studied across Europe, North America and the Middle East. He holds a Graduate Certificate in Intensive Care Paramedic Studies, and an MSc in Critical Care. His main interests are in care of the elderly, end-of-life care, patient safety, professionalism (including role and identity), and paramedic education.

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