• Smashing the Stigma, it starts with us…..

    by Jess Morton. Last modified: 23/05/16

    Smashing The Stigma, It Starts With Us.-33

    In April this year, I joined my fellow #EMSWOLFPACK brothers as we were invited to present a forum on all things paramedicine at the Student Paramedics Australasia New-Zealands chapter conference which was held in Wellington, NZ.

    You can search the hashtag #SPANZ16 here for all the highlights of this fantastic event.

    Whilst I was at the conference, I was also given the opportunity to present on a topic that I am passionate about and a message I would really like shared far not just our paramedicine community but those in Nursing & medicine as well.

    I challenge my peers to reflect on their own practice and on the practice of others they may have witnessed which served no benefit to their patients’ mental health.
    We have all talked about the high suicide rates of our fellow colleagues (especially amongst paramedics, medical students and doctors). I pose that in order to quell the soaring suicide rates of not just our patients, but our friends and colleagues too, we must work to smash the stigma.
    And that starts with US!

    Please listen to the podcast, I am hoping to get it up on iTunes soon which will allow for more easy access and downloading.
    I will also post my references for the as I can.


    Download (PDF, 2.75MB)

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    Jess Morton

    Jess Morton

    Student Paramedic.
    I am an Australian undergraduate Student Paramedic. I study part-time as I am also Mum to 2 beautiful boys. I am passionate about Friendship, Family & #FOAMed. I am keen to get more experienced as well as student Paramedics into the FOAM world to enable better access to education to result in better patient care. My interests include photography, thick shakes and sleeping in past 6am.

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