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    Back in June, I shared my experience of #smaccGOLD through the student paramedics eyes – http://prehospitalresearch.eu/?p=2205

    Incase you have missed the hype and despair as the website crashed last week, registration is now open for smaccUS. SMACC will be held in Chicago from 23-26th June.

    Kind of ironic: all the resuscitationists of the world killing a website… @smaccteam #smaccUS

    — Hans van Schuppen (@HansvanSchuppen) November 5, 2014

    SMACC is not just a critical care conference, nor is it just a conference for Doctors. SMACC is like a community unto which all paramedics, nurses, doctors & students are welcome.

    I understand that travelling and registering for conferences requires a large investment. However, this is only a once a year event, it is like no other conference you will go to. SMACC will push you and your level of critical thinking to a new high.

    My best and unbiased advice to you is to plan a holiday if you live  in Europe, NZ or Australia. Just make sure you schedule in #smaccUS when planning your trip.

    Workshop options are honestly going to make it impossible to choose (perhaps next year, they need to spread these hands-on workshops over 2 days to allow more choice). If you get in quick, you can  register for the airway, prehospital, emergency ultrasound, neuro resus, stress inoculation, critical care nutrition, simulation debriefing and many more.

    It is a worldwide event. Europe, UK, USA, Canada, New-Zealand, South Africa & of course Australia already have strong contingents attending. Will you be amongst it, who will you represent?

    Absolutely delighted by the strong UK showing in #smaccUS. We’ll have to organise a special get together with tea, cricket and insecurity.

    — Iain Beardsell (@docib) November 6, 2014

    Students have the opportunity to apply to work as a volunteer at SMACC, entitling them to free registration. I was fortunate enough to have been given this incredible experience this year on the Gold Coast and it provided me a behind the scenes look at how such an event comes together and sense the passion of the dedicated organisers (Roger Harris, Oli Flower & Chris nickson) There were 3 paramedic students on the volunteer team this year & I hope to see as many apply and take part next year..Discounted student registrations are available for $350 but will sell out.

    Buy now, plan later!

    Paramedics, do not shy away from SMACC. You are what fulfils the critical care circle. Your role & skills are not underestimated & your views and knowledge are welcomed.

    My guess is that SMACC will sell out for 2015. Apply for leave, apply for any funding that may be available to you. This is the conference that you should go to. You will learn new skills, gain in-depth knowledge and make friends for life.

    I guarantee it!

    I will put links to other reviews below so you don’t just have to take my word for it.

    Get SMACCED …. Right here >> http://www.smacc.net.au









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