• STOCKLIST (a STudy Of Clinical sKills of CriticaL Care Paramedics in the UK)

    by Jim Walmsley. Last modified: 29/05/14




    The Critical Care Paramedic (CCP) is a relatively new advanced practitioner role. CCPs provide advanced clinical skills + knowledge for primary response and critical care retrieval. In the UK it is currently an undefined role with no common code of practice or clinical governance. The aim of this study was to explore current use of CCPs, assess a range of views from a range of relevant stakeholders.


    A web based survey design was used to collect information on current CCP use and elicit views on skills, role and scope of practice, from a range of relevant stakeholders.


    From 198 invitations STOCKLIST received 141 responses (70%). Respondents included air ambulance charities, professional organisations and ambulance trusts (70%).


    The survey confirmed the role is currently an undefined one and variably used in practice. There was agreement on the need for core skills and standards but the nature of these is still open to debate.

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    Jim Walmsley
    Since starting a career with the Yorkshire Ambulance Service in 2004 and working as a state registered Paramedic, 2011 saw the opportunity to undertake further study as part of a bursary supported initiative at ScHARR (Sheffield University). Now with SECAmb (South East Coast Ambulance Service); it is with great pleasure that I am involved with what is proving to be a very exciting and advancing scope of paramedic practice: the role of the Critical Care Paramedic.

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