• Assessing study skills among university students: an Iranian survey

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    Didarloo A1, Khalkhali HR2. Assessing study skills among university students: an Iranian survey. J Educ Eval Health Prof. 2014 May 5;11:8. PMID: 24798427.




    Numerous studies have revealed that study skills have a constructive role on the academic performance of students, in addition to educational quality, student’ intelligence, and their affective characteristics. This study aims to examine study skills and the factors influencing them among the health sciences students of Urmia University of Medical Sciences in Iran.


    This was a cross-sectional study carried out from May to November 2013. A total of 340 Urmia health sciences students were selected using a simple sampling method. Data were collected using the Study Skills Assessment Questionnaire of Counseling Center of Houston University and analyzed with descriptive and analytical statistics.


    The mean and standard deviation of the students’ study skills were 172.5±23.2, out of a total score of 240. Around 1.2% of the study skills were weak; 86.8%, moderate; and 12%, good. Among the study skills, the scores of time management, and memory and concentration were better than the others. Also, there was a significant positive correlation between study skills scores and the students’ family housing status and academic level (P<0.05).


    Although the majority of the participants had moderate study skills, these were not sufficient and far from good. Improving and promoting the study skills of university students require the designing and implementing of education programs for study strategies. Therefore, decision makers and planners in the educational areas of universities should consider the topic described above.

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    Alan Batt

    Alan Batt

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    Alan is a critical care paramedic, paramedic educator and prehospital researcher, currently working around the world as an educator and researcher. He has previously worked and studied across Europe, North America and the Middle East. He holds a Graduate Certificate in Intensive Care Paramedic Studies, and an MSc in Critical Care. His main interests are in care of the elderly, end-of-life care, patient safety, professionalism (including role and identity), and paramedic education.

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    2 thoughts on “Assessing study skills among university students: an Iranian survey

    • Don Sharpe says:

      52% of these students suffer from depression – file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/crobinso/My%20Documents/Downloads/ijpbs-v5n2p131-en.pdf
      Nursing students tested as more depressed than other students in the same study….
      Why would we even bother with a study done in Iran?

      • Alan Batt Alan Batt says:

        I’d imagine depression among university students is pretty common, maybe more so in health science students. Also this site has a large international audience – including visitors from Iran!

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