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    by Alan Batt. Last modified: 08/04/14



    We received some great feedback regarding our Research on the Go article where we discussed mobile apps and solutions for staying up-to-date and making use of your downtime. Here we’ll take a closer look at podcasts, what they are, how to get them, and how to use some of the more popular podcast apps. Podcasts are a great way to keep up to date with all that’s going on in the prehospital world, and there are quiet a few podcasts that are extremely useful to follow.

    So what is a Podcast?

    A podcast is a program (music/talk) made available in digital format for download. They can also contain video (vodcasts), and downloadable files such as PDFs, epubs etc.  Podcasts are generally free to listen to, although some sites and organisations charge for access. Podcast episodes are downloaded through a piece of software known as a podcatcher.

    How do I “get” Podcasts?


    iOS has a native Podcast app that’s pretty good. Simply go to the iTunes store, and install Podcasts (free). To add a podcast, simply launch the Podcasts app, and search for the podcast you want to add.



    Our favourite app for Android is BeyondPod (phone & tablet; Pro version around $7/5 euro). To add a new podcast, simply click on  +Add Feed, and search for the podcast you want to add. You can also click on Import Feeds, where you can add podcasts directly from RSS feeds, from Feedly, by importing an OPML file, or adding a local folder of audio/video files as a virtual feed (ideal for MP3 audiobooks, clinical video downloads etc.)



    Miro is a free, open-source media player that’s built for subscriptions to audio podcasts and vodcasts. To add a new podcast, click on Sidebar > Add New Podcast. Enter the feed of the podcast you want to add (can be found on the relevant website)



    iTunes is the go to podcast manager for Macs. To subscribe to a podcast in iTunes, open the Store, select Podcasts, and search for your podcast. Click the Subscribe button on the podcast and you’ll find new podcast episodes on the Podcasts section of your library.

    Ok, I’ve installed an app – what next?

    Now that you know what a podcast is, and you have the means to listen to it, the next step is finding podcasts you’d like to listen to. There are hundreds of thousands of podcasts to choose from, such as TEDTalks, This American Life, National Geographic, Discovery and more. There are comedy podcasts, religion, parenting, cooking, technology – anything you can think of!

    We’ve listed below some of the more relevant ones for Paramedics and prehospital care providers. Pick a few that appeal to you, download the latest two or three episodes, and after that, simply pop in your headphones, turn up your speakers, or settle down on the couch with your tablet and enjoy!

    Click on the heading of the webcast below to visit its individual website.

    EMS Educast

    EMS Educast is a weekly show recorded by Rob Theriault, Bill Toon and Greg Friese, discussing Industry Trends in EMS Education, Training, CE and Certification. The podcast recorded its final episode in January 2014, but all past podcasts (195 in total) are accessible.

    EMS Garage

    EMS Garage is a podcast for EMS professionals by EMS Professionals. It is a FREE not-for-profit weekly podcast about EMS news, Ambulance information, Paramedics and EMT’s, Education, and just general fun.

    EMS Leadership

    EMS Leadership is a podcast by and for EMS leaders and managers.

    EMS Lecture Series

    A vodcast of CME lectures for EMS providers in New York State, USA

    Paramedic Pearls and Pitfalls

    Paramedic Pearls and Pitfalls is a podcast created by Chris Johnson, a flight paramedic in the US. Aimed at providing continuing education to clinicians…not technicians.

    EM Crit

    EMCrit is an essential read and listen for anyone who looks after sick or crashing patients. Online Medical Education on Emergency Department (ED) Critical Care, Trauma, and Resuscitation.

    The RAGE Podcast

    RAGE is an audio podcast created by a team of emergency physicians, intensivists and retrievalists that brings an irreverent and educational ‘real world’ perspective to current research, core topics and controversies in critical care.


    MedicCast is an audio podcast for EMT Paramedics and EMS Students.

    Ultrasound Podcast

    Mike Mallin & Matt Dawson’s excellent Ultrasound Podcast approaches clinical problems from an ultrasound perspective, offers US tips and resources for those wishing to improve their ultrasound abilities.

    Anatomy for Emergency Medicine

    Anatomy for Emergency Medicine is an excellent vodcast series by Andy Neill in Ireland describing anatomy for emergency medicine practice.

    EMRAP Blog

    EM:RAP is a monthly podcast  filled with educational content, lectures, in-studio productions, reviews and perspectives all in a fun filled, tongue-in-cheek format. Subscription required.

    EMU Monthly

    Emergency Medicine Updates is a monthly podcast by Yosef Leibman, an EM attending in Israel, and has been in existence for over 15 years.

    Innovations in Patient Care

    Whether you are a physician, nurse, paramedic or EMT you depend on up to date information on ways you can improve the care you provide for your patients. This program will provide you an opportunity to get that information and innovate your patient care


    Each episode of ERCast covers a single issue and tries to tease out all the relevant elements that affect your practice without overstuffing your frontal cortex. It’s for physicians and anyone interested in a bare bones look at emergency care.


    Prehospital and Retrieval Medicine is a great blog and podcast run by Minh LeCong, a rural doctor with the Royal Flying Doctor Service in Australia. The aim of this podcast is to discuss and debate prehospital and retrieval medicine–its current practice and controversies.

    Resus M.E!

    An excellent blog and sometimes podcast by Cliff Reid, Resus.ME is about staying up to date in all aspects of life-saving medicine, from acute medicine and paediatrics, to emergency and critical care medicine, and even pre-hospital care.

    The Skeptics Guide to Emergency Medicine

    The Skeptics Guide to Emergency Medicine (SGEM) is a knowledge translation (KT) project. Its goal is to shorten the KT window from about ten years down to one year. To do this it will turn traditional medical education on its head.

    smacc Podcast

    Talks from the 2013 smacc Conference in Australia

    White Coat, Black Art

    Join Dr. Brian Goldman in White Coat, Black Art as he takes listeners through the swinging doors of hospitals and doctors’ offices, behind the curtain where the gurney lies.

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