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    by Alan Batt. Last modified: 26/01/14


    Welcome to the Prehospital Research Support Site – a website dedicated to promoting and supporting research amongst pre-hospital care providers worldwide.

    We’re looking for people who are willing and interested in writing about research topics, reviewing research tools and contributing to the forum. The site also offers free survey accounts for running research questionnaires and other tools and resources for researchers. This is a completely free, not-for-profit undertaking. The site is aimed at everyone from people thinking about undertaking research, to those who are happy to read the outcomes!

    So for example, we need people willing to write articles such as

    • Performing literature reviews
    • Drafting a proposal, ethics application etc.
    • Reviews and how-to guides on books, websites, software
    • Suggestions for links to add to the site
    • Original research such as poster presentations, conference presentations
    • Collections of useful articles under subject headings
    • Additional resources that can be added
    • Opinion and guest posts on items relating to prehospital care

    Basically…anything related to research and prehospital care!

    Email info@prehospitalresearch.eu if you’re interested and have some ideas about what you’d like to contribute.


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    Alan Batt

    Alan Batt

    Paramedic, educator, researcher
    Alan is a critical care paramedic, paramedic educator and prehospital researcher, currently working around the world as an educator and researcher. He has previously worked and studied across Europe, North America and the Middle East. He holds a Graduate Certificate in Intensive Care Paramedic Studies, and an MSc in Critical Care. His main interests are in care of the elderly, end-of-life care, patient safety, professionalism (including role and identity), and paramedic education.

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    • Jason Merrill Jason Merrill says:

      Hi there;

      I’d be interested in contributing to your site if I can, whether by writing articles or something else.

      Jason Merrill
      Primary Care Paramedic

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